Get Answers To Your Questions About Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Before filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, it is important to get all the information you can about the process. At the Law Offices of K. Hunter Goff, P.A., I am here to answer any questions you may have about Chapter 13 bankruptcy and other debt relief options. On this page, I will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the Chapter 13 bankruptcy process.

How long will my repayment plan last?

A Chapter 13 payment plan lasts between three and five years. The amount of time your plan lasts depends upon your income, the amount of debt to be paid off and other factors.

Will Chapter 13 bankruptcy help me save my home?

Filing for bankruptcy stops home foreclosures, sheriff’s sales and other collection actions. If you are behind on your mortgage payments, Chapter 13 allows you to consolidate them with other debts and pay them back in a payment plan. In order to keep your home, the court must approve your payment plan and you must be able to keep up with your monthly payments going forward.

When is Chapter 13 a good idea?

If you are struggling with debt but earn a steady income, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the best option for achieving debt relief. Your debt problems should be significant, such as falling behind on mortgage payments and not being able to catch up.

Get More Information About Chapter 13

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