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Orlando Bankruptcy Attorney

Are you struggling with overwhelming debt? No matter how hopeless your situation might seem, there is a way out. By filing for bankruptcy, you can eliminate debt while stopping creditors from taking collection actions against you.

I am K. Hunter Goff, a bankruptcy lawyer with more than 20 years of experience solving debt problems in Orlando and throughout central Florida. I can help you file for:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy: Chapter 7 allows people to wipe out debt and enjoy a fresh financial start.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy: Under Chapter 13, your debt will be reorganized into a manageable payment plan that lasts three or five years.

At the Law Offices of K. Hunter Goff, P.A., I am here to help you stop lawsuits, garnishments, repossessions, harassment and other consequences of debt while making the process better and smoother than you might think.

Taking The Pain Out Of Bankruptcy

For those daunted by the stress of filing for bankruptcy, there is a better and smarter way. I have devoted my career to taking the pain out of bankruptcy, and I work closely with each client to make sure they are comfortable with the process.

I offer flexible billing arrangements, virtual filing and a low down payment filing fee. I will take the time to get to know you and your financial history so that I can help you choose the debt relief option that is right for you.

Get Started Today! Contact Our Orlando Bankruptcy Lawyer For A Free Consultation

Bankruptcy is a big step, but you don’t have to step into it alone. I am here to help you understand the law and how it will apply in your unique circumstances. To arrange a free bankruptcy law consultation with an experienced lawyer, contact my law office today online or by telephone at 352-577-7689.