Secure Debt Relief For Overwhelming Medical Bills

It only takes one unexpected trip to the hospital to rack up huge medical debt that is impossible to recover from financially. In some cases, patients and their families had a healthy financial situation before they needed medical treatment, whereas medical bills greatly add to existing debt in other cases. Because medical debt can be a significant burden yet sometimes unavoidable, bankruptcy can allow you to finally move forward.

Review your legal and financial options with me at the Law Offices of K. Hunter Goff, P.A. With my extensive experience as a bankruptcy attorney, I understand how debt can accumulate rapidly – and I know how to use bankruptcy to stop the freefall of a financial crisis. I work with residents throughout Florida to explore their opportunities to overcome medical debt.

How Bankruptcy Offers Help For Medical Debt And More

Whether you file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, it is possible to receive the debt relief you need by filing bankruptcy. Depending on which option you qualify for, you could either gain total debt forgiveness – while giving up some of your property – or create a repayment plan that would make medical debt more affordable. Both options can put financial recovery within your reach, allowing you to regain stability after a serious health condition or injury.

Filing bankruptcy eliminates most unsecured debt, including medical debt. In a bankruptcy case, you would list all creditors whom you owe money, including for a mortgage, car loan, credit card debt and other types of debt. Creditors for your medical bills would have equal standing with these other creditors when the court determines how to settle the balances.

It is important, though, that you act to eliminate the debt before further legal action is taken against you to collect on the debt, including wage garnishment. I can help you take swift, decisive action that gives you a chance to start fresh.

Bankruptcy Does Not Automatically Prevent Further Care

A common concern among my clients is whether they can continue to see the same doctor and get the same medical care they received prior to filing bankruptcy. It has been my experience that the main source of medical debt is not overwhelming medical bills from their primary care physician. Rather, the vast number of bills received from labs, hospitals, specialists and other providers who may have only had brief contact with my client is usually the main reason for filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

In these instances, so long as you stay on good terms with your primary care physician, you will most likely be able to continue to go to the doctor. Even if you owe a large bill with your doctor, chances are that they will allow you to go on a payment plan. It can’t hurt to ask.

Get Personalized Advice About Medical Debt

Over the years, I have helped thousands of people regain control over their financial lives and get the debt relief they deserve through filing bankruptcy. Medical debt remains one of the biggest reasons why people file bankruptcy. Call 352-432-7003 or email my office in Orlando for a free evaluation of your case.

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